Research in-market

Advice on research by visiting your target market.

Last updated 14 July 2021

In-market research is a valuable way to make contacts and get specific, tailored information about potential markets.

Be prepared to spend more time and money on this type of analysis. It’s best carried out after you’ve conducted online research, and gathered all the relevant information you can in the UK.

You should focus on:

  • making trusted connections in the market
  • assessing competitor activity in your chosen country
  • noting customer behaviour, motivations and preferences
  • finding the best ways to bring your product or service to market

Attend in-country exhibitions or events

Attending an overseas trade show, fair or exhibition is a good way to:

  • meet potential customers and network
  • find agents or distributors
  • market your product or service to an interested audience
  • assess demand for your product or service
  • research a new market
  • find out about local competitors

Find trade shows for your sector:

  • on the DIT events site
  • in internet directories and databases
  • by asking your trade association

Find out more about visiting the market and attending trade shows.

Overseas Market Introduction Services (OMIS)

OMIS is a chargeable service offered by the Department for International Trade, which can help with your export market research. See the OMIS section in research markets online for more information.

Appoint an agency to research in-market

Appointing a market research agency can be expensive but their results should be thorough and objective. Select one you trust and brief them well. Make sure their proposal includes:

  • what they’re researching and how
  • a breakdown of costs and expenses
  • timescales and the report format
  • a confidentiality agreement.

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