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Company number: 07558078

Number of employees: 1-10

Incorporated in: 2011

Company description

Gigajam’s Online Music School and Internationally Recognised Music Grades help you provide all your students with the chance to learn to play guitar, bass, keyboards and drums in class, through curriculum, and as part of enrichment and extended activities, as well as receive music awards.
How Gigajam Works

01: Interactive Lessons >Bite-sized learning.

> Step by step instructions ensure that you progress your learning at the fastest possible rate.
Narrated lessons present key knowledge through text, diagrams, videos, and interactive play-along exercises.

02:How-to Videos > Professional tutors and TV shows.

> Every exercise has an accompanying video where a professional tutor performs for you to watch.
Every lesson also has a TV Show, where tutor and presenter go through the whole lesson in a studio format.

03: Play-along Exercises > A backing band right in your browser.

> There's a backing band track for every exercise.
So you aren't just sitting there playing by yourself, you are always putting into practice the things you have just read about, listened to and seen. Truly interactive.
Get Qualified >
Earn an internationally recognised music qualification from the University of West London - London College of Music.

Gigajam is available for educational establishments via and home

Recent projects

Whole classroom instrument tuition - harnessing technology

Gigajam Online Music School is an ideal way to give more students the chance to learn a musical instrument. In Blackburn UK, a Head of Music explains how all his students can now learn an instrument.

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