KAPDAA - The Offcut Company


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Company website http://www.kapdaa.com

Facts & details

Company number: 07012300

Number of employees: 1-10

Incorporated in: 2009

Company description

We are a sustainable business which collaborate with designers to turn their leftover materials into bespoke marketing products, such as notebooks and pens.

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Recent projects

Selfridges & Co

We work closely with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion to find creative ways of reducing waste. As a result we have teamed up with the iconic Selfridges London for our latest zero waste collaboration

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Ruban Couture - Noticeable Notebooks

With Noticeable Notebooks, we created an opportunity for PR/Client/Consumer to see a visual narrative of the thought process behind your collections’ journey with supporting imagery shown throughout.

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Rah & Co - Reindeer Leather

An example of us working with deer hide offcuts which were too small to encase a whole notebook. We found a sustainable solution by using the small pieces to cover the spine of the notebooks instead.

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Deborah Campbell Atelier

Deborah Campbell Atelier is an ethical fashion brand which showcase her offcut notebooks alongside her fashion line at John Lewis, with great success for the matching items and zero waste efforts.

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Morris & Co

KAPDAA are thrilled to have taken part in the launch of the new Morris and Co. collection – ‘Pure Morris’. This range comprises of fabrics and wallpaper designs that experiment with new techniques.

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Juliet Travers

As part of Juliet Travers’ new ‘Spirit of Summer’ product range, she has created sustainable notebooks made with the offcuts from her magnificent ‘Safari’ print-based wallpaper and fabric collection.

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