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Company website http://www.oakas.co.uk

Facts & details

Company number: 06704711

Number of employees: 1-10

Incorporated in: 2008

Company description

Oakas is a consultancy specialising in organisational resilience, enabling organisations to respond positively and rapidly to change; minimising the impact of threats whilst maximising the potential of new opportunities.

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Recent projects

NATO ACT - Inter-Dependency in Resilience

A study into how Military, Private and Civil sectors rely upon each other when dealing with resilience in the contemporary security environment. aims to bring together high level, strategic thinkers

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Montenegro Ministry Of Defence Crisis Communictaion Exericse

The MoD Montenegro (MNE) requested assistance to develop and validate a crisis communications capability as part of their progression towards NATO membership.

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Crisis management Table Top exercise

Critical Energy Infrastructure crisis management table top exercise for Ukraine Ministry of Energy and Coal and a major national energy distributor to support national authorities build resilience

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