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Company number: 01824588

Number of employees: 11-50

Company description

Established in 1983 in the United Kingdom, ABI Electronics designs, manufactures and sells unique test, measurement and fault diagnostics equipment for the electronics industry.

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Recent projects

Egyptian Air Defence gets qualification from ABI in the UK

Following the recent investment by the Egyptian MoD in ABI's electronic test and repair systems BoardMaster and RevEng, a group of officers visited ABI premises for qualified training this month.

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Support hub for SAAB's Gripen gets ABI test gear in Brazil

As the Brazilian Air Force gets ready to receive the first Gripen aircraft, ABI Electronics' BoardMaster and RevEng test and maintenance systems approach commissioning in Sao Paulo.

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ABI becomes a Northern Powerhouse Export Champion

ABI is pleased to announce that it has accepted the invitation from the British government’s agency DIT (Department for International Trade) to become a Northern Powerhouse Export Champion 2019.

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Electronics powered oilfield drilling technologies

When it comes to testing and isolating potentially faulty components in the field or in a lab, OEMs require versatile test and diagnostic equipment that can deliver results fast and accurately.

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Keeping the renewable energy industry green & profitable

Wind turbine systems are prone to develop all sorts of faults given the environment where they operate. ABI products help OEMs and service providers repair wind turbine systems effectively.

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British MoD Chooses RevEng from ABI Electronics

Following a technical seminar held in the summer of 2017, ABI Electronics has just been awarded a contract to supply its exclusive electronic reverse engineering system, RevEng, to the MoD's DECA.

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Irish Rail Interview: the importance of electronic repair

With over 12 years' experience under his belt, Irish Rail's electronic repair facility manager, Ray Holden, talks about his views on the importance of conducting electronic repairs internally.

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The secret weapon to slash plant operating costs

It is a no-brainer that electronics are at the core of any modern machinery. As assembly lines become more intelligent and interconnected, a large number of complex electronic PCBs is required.

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GE & ABI Electronics work to streamline electronic repairs

The partnership aims to streamline global lifecycle support, repair, and maintenance of electronic controls driving wind generators.

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Korail engineers trained on ABI's BoardMaster

Engineers working in the rolling stock repair depot at Korea's national railway company Korail received on-site training this week and learned how to make the most of their brand new BoardMaster.

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