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Facts & details

Company number: 01629011

Number of employees: 51-200

Incorporated in: 1982

Company description

Dulas Limited is one of the leading UK suppliers of high quality solar power solutions to some of the world's most remote locations; we are proud to have been manufacturing WHO/PQS approved solar powered vaccine refrigerators for over three decades.

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Recent projects

Delivering Solar Power and Vaccine Refrigeration in Eritrea

In 2014, Dulas was contracted by the Ministry of Health and the Global Fund to carry out the delivery and installation of 16 solar power systems and 162 vaccine refrigerator systems across Asmara.

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Training Ministry of Health workers in Myanmar

In June 2017, Dulas led a five day training programme at the Retired Government Employees Hospital in Naypyitaw, the capital city of Myanmar as part of a supply package for the delivery of VC200SDD's.

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Dulas delivers solar refrigerators to Nigeria

Dulas' solar powered vaccine refrigerator systems keep life saving vaccines cool and safe in the most remote locations enabling vaccination programmes where there is no electricity.

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Dulas support immunization programme in Pakistan

The Health Department Government of Baluchistan in Quetta, Pakistan initiated an immunization programme aimed at delivering solar powered vaccine refrigerators to remote off grid areas.

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PV Power & Energy Storage solutions for a Hospital in Malawi

St Peter’s Hospital serves a population of 18000 on an island in Lake Malawi. The grid supply is part time and suffers interruptions which are not adequate for a hospital providing maternity services

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Working with WHO to re-equip Yemen’s cold chain

Dulas continues to support humanitarian efforts in Yemen as the civilian population suffers from the escalating conflict.

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Core industry

Renewable energy