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Multi-purpose technology

UK technology fuels our most successful industries, including digital, creative, financial services, high-value manufacturing, retail and agriculture.

Creative solutions

Many of the world’s best-known companies use technology innovations from the UK including artificial intelligence, data centres and 5G communication.

Pioneering culture

The UK has one of the world’s largest technology industries with thousands of tech start-ups, thanks to a strong entrepreneurial culture.

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  • Arkessa
    Arkessa helps make Global Enterprise IoT easier and future proof.
  • Immersive
    Immersive is a complete solution provider for audio-visual projects of any scale. Immersive uses new media technology (such as LED, holograms, projection, virtual reality (VR) a...
    Rainbird automate large-scale, complex decision-making so progressive enterprises can raise standards, reduce costs, satisfy regulators, engage customers.
  • SmartMed Global
    SmartMed uses smartphone technology to revolutionises the provision of healthcare for the prevention and management of chronic conditions including Diabetes, Stroke, Atrial Fibr...
  • Shadow Robot Company
    Shadow was founded in 1987 by a group of robotics enthusiasts in London. Since then the group evolved into one of the longest running robotics companies in the UK.
    RDM is an advanced engineering business which has been supplying products and services to the automotive industry since 1993. HQ in Coventry, UK and offices in Australia and USA...
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