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Randox is one of the thousands of UK life sciences companies whose medical products and solutions are helping the world to stay healthier for longer.

Randox Diagnostics, County Antrim, UK

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Why choose UK life sciences

Research investment

The UK is home to 4 of the world’s top 10 universities for pre-clinical, clinical and health sciences, and invests heavily in life science research.

Integrated data systems

The UK is a world leader in genomic medicine and has mapped more than 50,000 genomes in its ‘100,000 Genomes Project’.

Quality control

The UK produces safe and effective products due to a comprehensive regulatory framework with robust compliance and quality assurance.

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    Touch Bionics has transformed thousands of lives in dozens of countries through our world-leading prosthetic technologies. We have a range of myoelectric prosthetic hands and pr...
  • SmartMed Global
    SmartMed uses smartphone technology to revolutionises the provision of healthcare for the prevention and management of chronic conditions including Diabetes, Stroke, Atrial Fibr...
    NASA Developed Technology and Bi-Polar Ionization Technology air purifiers and sanitizers. 2 advanced and unique technologies in one machine. Cleans the air and surfaces. No ...
    We manufacture, supply, design and fit orthotic devices. We make custom orthoses such as insoles, trusses and calipers and off the shelf soft and hard products. Our products pr...
    Infutech Ltd design and manufacture needle safe subcutaneous infusion sets. The products meet all international standards in this area and have been sold successfully in the UK ...
    Express Diagnostics was founded in 1994, over the past 21 years the company has expanded considerably, becoming a leading Cardiology service provider for the Clinical Trials ind...
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A global centre for life sciences

The UK is a thriving centre for biomedical and healthcare innovation. It’s well placed to help the world deal with modern health challenges, including ageing populations and chronic disease.

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