Lebanon Red Cross Vehicle

Tactical Emergency Response Validation Exercise (Lebanon)

Disaster Response Simulation Exercise held in Saida (Sidon) Lebanon. The exercise scenario involved a boat accident, loss of life, injured patients and displaced persons.

Supported by the LRC Education team, the exercise was set at the Operational level, with station officers taking on elements of command – control was also simulated for the purposes of the exercise.

The Exercise had 5 objectives –

1) Test the LRC participant’s knowledge of their roles and responsibilities according to the LRC
2) Assess the ability of the education team to co-ordinate a mass casualty exercise
3) Test the effectiveness of the operational level to Triage and communicate their decisions
4) Assess the LRC training team individual and group critical decision making ability under pressing time constraints
5) Assess the educational effectiveness of the exercise.

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19 November 2014
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