Foresight Operational Graduates

Foresight - Leadership, Management and Command (Oman)

Foresight is delivered at five graduated levels - Team Leader, Sector Commander, Operational Commander, Tactical Commander and Strategic Commander.

Leading People
Foresight teaches the art and science of leading people in both calm and turbulent times, it teaches leadership preparation and delivery and assists individuals to make changes to their leadership style in response to the demands of dynamic events.

Using Efficient Systems
The Foresight Framework helps managers to plan, organise, direct and control resources in the most efficient and effective way - before, during and after emergencies and assists the development of shared aims and objectives.

Performance Under Pressure
The program teaches the methods, tools and techniques necessary to manage fast moving and dynamic events. Combining the leadership and management components with the command elements, ForesightTM assists leaders to deliver high performance, even under severe pressure.

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19 November 2014
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