Honda Civic 1L - Exporting Vehicles - Shipped via Roll-on Roll-off to Bangladesh -

Export Cars from UK to Bangladesh

A Bangladeshi client got in touch with us to import a Honda Civic Hatchback to Bangladesh from the UK. The client was requesting a brand new vehicle so it was a little easier to a source.
We showcased the vehicle to the client and he was quite satisfied that we had provided a vehicle with the exact specs he requested. We then moved on to the shipping process. The paperwork required for shipping the vehicle was sorted out by us and the vehicle was shipped on a container ship method within the expected time.
We sent over all the documents the client needed to complete that process before the vehicle arrived in Bangladesh and he was able to get through the clearing process without any issues due to the support we provided. The project was a success and the client was very satisfied with the service we provided.

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