Online marketplaces propel FreestyleXtreme

Case study

Like many businesses, Bristol-based specialist sports retailer FreestyleXtreme has seen considerable growth through online sales overseas.

A group of fashionable extreme sports aficionados
Considering we are selling niche products to a small market, we never could have imagined achieving these types of sales. Shaun Loughlin , Founder FreestyleXtreme

FreestyleXtreme began selling online on eBay in 2011. It went so well the company quickly opened stores on the site in several countries through eBay’s cross-border programme. Today they sell on all 15 of Amazon’s international marketplaces.

Online marketplaces have allowed FreestyleXtreme to become a successful exporter. It’s now a thriving business with a projected annual turnover of £17 million.

The Department for International Trade helped FreestyleXtreme set up a local cooperative to reduce international shipping costs. The cooperative, called Parcel Rate Experts, brought together local online retailers to get competitive shipping rates and solve one of their main barriers to exporting.

E-marketplaces show you where there is overseas demand for your product. Shaun Loughlin , Founder FreestyleXtreme

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