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Selling online overseas sees Bubblebum increase export sales by 15%

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Northern Ireland business, Bubblebum, provides inflatable car booster seats for children - now selling in 27 different markets worldwide.

At the moment we are working with Judith McElhinney, DIT Ecommerce Specialist, who has been amazing for us. Having someone outside the business reviewing our activity encourages us to think about things differently

Eoin McGahon
E-Commerce Executive | Bubblebum

The company founded in 2009 by Grainne Kelly was created out of concern for her children’s safety when travelling abroad. Bubblebum has grown from a team of 4 to 16 staff.

With assistance from a trade adviser in Invest Northern Ireland, Bubblebum successfully applied through the Selling Online Overseas tool to sell with global marketplaces.

The Selling Online Overseas tool is a fantastic support for growing businesses who want to move into new markets and add extra sales channels. It streamlines the application process, gives you enhanced terms for selling and can also make you aware of marketplaces that you hadn’t thought you knew before.

Onboarding with Fruugo and Rakuten has seen our sales increase so far by 15%. marketplaces have been a huge success for us

Eoin McGahon
E-Commerce Executive | Bubblebum

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