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About this marketplace

Goxip is an award-winning social commerce app and marketplace based in Hong Kong. Described as a 'shoppable Instagram', customers love the mix of social sharing, image-recognition search and regular discounts.

Sellers can set up customised brand stores with the simple drag-and-drop system and benefit from Goxip's large international user base to increase their brand awareness.

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Who else sells here?

Ally Denovo, Arte, Bauhaus, Crocodile, Globe-Trotter, Jelly Beans Tokyo, Samsonite, The Organic Pharmacy

E-commerce adviser tip

The ability to ship to HK or distribution in HK/Thailand is preferred. It is advisable that you detail your social media presence including your Instagram handle and/or Facebook page in the application.

UK businesses wishing to apply, need to be either the brand owner or authorised to sell the brand.

About the customers

70% of Goxip customers are from Hong Kong and Macau, with 30% from the rest of the world. 62% are women and 38% men. 

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Open times

9.00am to 6.00pm HKT (GMT+8), Monday - Friday

About fulfilment and delivery

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How you'll get paid

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30 days

How they'll help you

Marketing and merchandising

Merchants can create customised brand stores within the marketplace, using simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Goxip offer sponsored on-site, in-app and Facebook marketing packages - details available on request.

Goxip uses SEO, SEM, social, digital and affiliate marketing to drive site traffic. By enrolling in Goxip’s image recognition engine (pricing details above), your products will appear when similar items are being searched for. Goxip users act as publishers, creating their own styling posts, which offers an additional source of free, organic promotion and social endorsement.

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Open times

9.00am to 6.00pm HKT (GMT+8), Monday - Friday

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