Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland
Registered users:
29 million
6.5 - 16%
Membership fee:
EUR 39.99 monthly

First 4 months subscription free.

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About this marketplace

Fnac is the leading French retailer for high tech and media products.They have over 29 million customers and 7 million affiliates. As well as Fnac.com, they have 720 shops worldwide. Fnac.com is the 3rd most visited marketplace in France, and 6th in Europe. 

Product positioning
EconomyNot available
LuxuryNot available
Ways to sell
WholesaleNot available

Who else sells here?

Apple, Bose, GoPro, Lenovo, Nintendo, Samsung, Skullcandy, Sony

E-commerce adviser tip

Service and customer satisfaction are a key differentiator for Fnac. Sellers must be able to provide after-sales support in French, and reply within 24 hours to customer enquiries. Fnac are keen to onboard premium and well-known UK brands. All sellers will benefit from the help of an account manager, and free promotional activity including newsletters and onsite banner ads.

UK businesses wishing to apply need to be the brand owner or authorised to sell the brand.

About the customers

With over 29 million customers, Fnac has a broad reach in the French market. Customers include the young urban audience looking for the latest tech products (smartphones, computers etc), as well as families with higher purchasing power. This spectrum of buyers allows the marketplace to successfully offer a range of products from entry level to premium. Male and female customers are almost equally represented, and have a higher than average disposable income. 25% of customers are aged between 35-49 years old.

Customer support
Help CentreNot available
Social MediaNot available
TutorialsNot available
WebchatNot available

Open times

24 hours, 7 days a week

About fulfilment and delivery

Logistics support
Fulfilled by marketplaceNot available
Fulfilled by sellerAvailable

Parcel tracking required by the marketplace


How you can join

Organise translation
To negotiate with the marketplaceNot available
To apply to joinNot available
For product contentAvailable
For seller supportNot available
Upload product details via
Content Management SystemNot available
Set up
A local bank accountNot available
A local companyNot available
A local address to handle returnsNot available
Agree to
Product exclusivity terms Not available

How you'll get paid

Payments terms
5 days

How they'll help you

Marketing and merchandising

A dedicated Fnac Key Account Manager will help you grow your business on the marketplace. This is included in the all-inclusive commission model. You will gain visibility through Fnac's marketing activities, including newsletters, banner ads, and sales promotions (e.g. Black Friday). Sellers can also benefit from Fnac's social media communication and their editorial team can do product reviews and write articles to promote your top-selling products.  

Seller support
Help CentreNot available
Social MediaNot available
TutorialsNot available
WebchatNot available

Open times

9:30am to 6:30pm (GMT+1), Monday - Friday

First 4 months subscription free.

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