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About this marketplace

Faire is an online wholesale marketplace taking a data-driven approach to connect 100,000 independent retailers with the best brands and artisans to stock their shops. 

In the past year alone, 13,000 brands from more than 250 countries have sold 35 million products to Faire retailers across the U.S. and Canada, from a variety of categories including apparel, food and beverage, home decor, gift, stationery, and specialty.

Faire lets retailers try-before-they buy, and straight-forward financial terms eliminate inventory risk and provide access to capital. For brands, the platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on making great products. 

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Who else sells here?

Gift Republic, Kate Spade, Poo Pourri, S'well, Vera Bradley, W&P

E-commerce adviser tip

Faire connects brands with smaller, independent stores who are looking to discover new stock online. Retailers value the opportunity to connect with brands that may be hand-crafted, design-led, sustainable or not available on mass-market channels.  This is a great platform to expose your brand to a large volume of independent buyers in just a few clicks - and with 2.6 million independent retailers in the US, there is plenty room for growth.

About the customers

Retailers - Faire work with 100,000 independent retailers across the U.S. and Canada from a variety of categories including apparel, home decor, gift stores, food, and specialty shops. Faire retailers predominantly have 1 to 2 locations. In large part they leverage Faire for the convenience of ordering from thousands of brands all in one place, net 60 payment terms, free returns on opening orders, and certain freight caps.

Brands - Most of Faire's 13,000 brands are small businesses, carried primarily by boutique independent retailers. They represent entrepreneurs across all 50 states in the U.S., and all 10 Canadian provinces. Faire brands are primarily female-owned and represent a broad range of product categories and price ranges. 

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9:00am to 5:--pm (GMT-8), Monday - Friday

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How they'll help you

Marketing and merchandising

Once a brand’s page is active on Faire, we facilitate orders by displaying the brand to thousands of retailers in our “New Arrivals” section, as well as previewing the brand to a subset of the top retailers in our Insider subscription program. We also use a ranking and recommendations algorithm that surfaces brands to retailers browsing Faire, based on what they would most likely be interested in selling in their stores.

On an ongoing basis, we also send merchandise emails to retailers, which are personalized based on each retailer’s store profile, preferences, and purchase history. Additional marketing or merchandising features, like editorial collections, are curated by our in-house team. 

Additionally, brands have access to a customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing tool within the Faire portal. These tools provide brands the ability to send email marketing messages to retailers that have ordered from the brand  on Faire, or that have had their contact information uploaded directly by the brand. Email marketing analytics such as open, click, and order information are provided on these email campaigns. The Analytics tab within the Faire portal also provides helpful insight into overall performance, page traffic, conversion rates, order volume, and best sellers. Over time, Faire provides recommendations on how to improve conversion rate and sales, which in turn can help improve visibility on the marketplace.

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Open times

9:00am to 5:00pm (GMT-8), Monday - Friday

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