Match your website to your audience

Use your market research to understand the culture of your audience. The images, colours and branding you use should be culturally appropriate. For example, images of alcohol and certain foods and animals should be avoided in some markets.

Think about showing aspects of everyday life such as cars, buildings, cityscapes or the countryside.

Adapting or designing your website for an international audience can be complex. You may want to use a web design company in your target country to make sure it's appropriate.

Use the right language

In English-speaking markets try to:

  • use plain English on your site
  • avoid figures of speech and UK cultural references that might confuse your audience

For markets such as the USA, you may want to change spelling, grammar, vocabulary and other elements of style and tone of voice to suit an American audience.

Translate your website

Research shows that people prefer to shop online in their own language. To be successful in a target market, get a native speaker of that language to translate your website and keywords.

Translating your website will make it:

  • easier for customers to use
  • rank higher in search engine results

Use SDL’s market reach calculator to see how many people you can reach in a country by translating your website.

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