Exporting to Liechtenstein

In the year to March 2019, total UK exports to Liechtenstein amounted to £124m, an increase of 26.5%, or £26m, compared to the previous period.

Demand for electrical goods

Electrical goods make up 64.6% of all UK goods exported to Liechtenstein. This is followed by office machinery, scientific instruments, and general industrial machinery.

Growing UK services exports

Services made up 83.1% of all UK exports to Liechtenstein in the year up until March 2019. The demand for UK services is growing, too: UK exports of services to Liechtenstein increased by £24m from March 2018 to March 2019 (ONS, 2019). If you’re a UK company specialising in business or financial services in particular, Liechtenstein may be a destination to consider.



(World Bank, 2018)


Swiss Franc

Business language

German, French, English

GDP per capita


(World Bank, 2016)

Economic growth


Time zone

GMT +1

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