Doing business with integrity

Awareness of integrity considerations around bribery and corruption, human rights, child labour and gender equality are vital to consider, especially when dealing with high risk markets. Bribery is illegal but still widespread in many countries. It sustains a corrupt and hostile business environment and exposes you to risks. Examples of bribery include:

  • unofficial (often known as facilitation) payments to get a faster service
  • offering excessive gifts ahead of an important business decision
  • levels of hospitality disproportionate to a business transaction

Effective planning and management of potential risks, however, will allow you to:

  • capitalise on market opportunities
  • derive both value and commercial benefits from exporting with integrity

By operating with integrity you can:

  • maintain a strong and reliable supply chain
  • gain trust from governments, overseas partners and staff
  • avoid escalating costs, reputational damage and risk of prosecution

Online resources on how to do business with integrity include:

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