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Business details

Business type
UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
11-50 employees
Core industry
Business and consumer services


UK registered company – number 08794065

Registered office address:

86-90 Paul St, London, EC2A 4NE


Company description

Makini Group is a national and an international consulting company with it’s head office based in London, UK with micro offices in three continents around the world. We specialise in helping start-ups and matured companies building bilateral and unilateral relationships around the world.

At Makini Group we help companies diversify, grow and thrive in existing industries and markets as well as new markets. It’s what we’re great at. We ensure that they fulfill the full potential of their new client base by helping them to uniquely position themselves as a trailblazing and leading brand within the new market. But we don’t stop there. We set their sights on new frontiers too, and work with them to achieve success.

Products and services

Bilateral, Unilateral, Relationships, Importing, Exporting, Automobile, Spare Parts, Renewable Energy, Building Equipment

Mergers and acquisitions, Accounting and tax, Raising capital, Opening bank accounts, Insurance, Regulatory support
Business support
Business relocation, Facilities (such as WiFI or electricity), Planning consultants
Management consulting
Business development, Strategy and long-term planning, Commercial and pricing strategy, Workforce development
Publicity and communication
Advertising, Branding, Marketing, Public affairs, Public relations, Social media


Advanced manufacturing, Automotive, Business and consumer services, Communications, Construction, Creative and media, Electronics and IT hardware, Environment, Financial and professional services, Healthcare and medical, Household goods, furniture and furnishings, Oil and gas, Renewable energy, Software and computer services, Water
Canada, Japan, Kenya, Qatar, Tanzania, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States