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UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
51-200 employees
Core industry
Education and training


UK registered company – number 06779528

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42 Ocean View Road, Bude, EX23 8ST


Company description

learndirect is a force for positive change by using technology to future-proof education and training with both full and blended online learning solutions that transform people’s lives and help businesses develop their staff.

Launched in 2000 through the UK government’s University for Industry (Ufi), leanrdirect was given the task to use new technology to transform the delivery of learning and skills across the country. Ufi and learndirect was privatised in 2011 and was subject to various restructures and mergers until the Stonebridge Group acquired learndirect in 2018.

The Stonebridge Group is a large group of education related companies specialising in the online distance learning sector for both government funded and commercially funded qualifications and courses.

By being innovators in the delivery of online learning on a national scale, learndirect have built a unique and market leading position – using technology to provide learning solutions including:

1. Academic Qualifications
* University Foundation Diplomas - providing guaranteed progression to several universities in UK and internationally
* A Levels - accepted by all UK universities, through the UCAS entry system
* GCSEs - from the UK curriculum

2. TVET Qualifications
* Full UK regulated vocational qualifications
* Teaching, TEFL and Early Years Educator qualifications
* TVET training courses that can be incorporated as modules into local qualifications as full programmes or offer the flexibility of blended learning
* Finance Courses - AAT Essentials
* Bytesize training courses for personal development

3. Compliance Training - to help keep employees and customers safe, including:
* Infection control and prevention
* Food safety
* Health and safety

4. Language Courses, including
* Basic, intermediate and business language skills

Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, allowing students and employees to fit education around other commitments.

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online, transnational, education, university access, foundation, qualifications, Elearning, accreditation, blended learning


Education and training