Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd
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Business type
UK business registered in Companies House
Number of employees
51-200 employees
Core industry
Textiles, interior textiles and carpets

Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd

UK registered company – number 00067442

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Grange Valley Road, Grange Valley Road, Batley, WF17 6GH

Joshua Ellis & Co Ltd

Company description

2017 marks the 250th anniversary for Joshua Ellis, celebrating a distinguished heritage of British manufacturing with a steadfast reputation for luxury and quality. Renowned throughout the world for producing the finest handcrafted cashmere and woollen cloth, including Escorial wool, Joshua Ellis fabrics and accessories are highly sought after worldwide, whether it be their bespoke designs or stock supported ranges.
From its base in Batley, in the heart of the historic Yorkshire textile industry, Joshua Ellis supplies luxury designer fabrics to some of the world’s leading designers and fashion houses.
Design director Kristie Reeves said: “The combination of time-honoured weaving traditions with up-to-the minute designs has helped Joshua Ellis stay one step ahead of the trends without foregoing expertise, craftsmanship and quality. Our products are designed and woven by an in-house team of 55 highly-skilled design and production experts, blending traditional craft skills with modern production innovation to create something truly special. The fact that our cashmere and wool is the choice of the finest brands in both luxury clothing and interiors is testament to the success of this approach.
The company was sold in 2008 to the family-owned SIL Holdings Group, which has an annual turnover of more than £40m and, alongside Joshua Ellis, owns fibre, yarn, weaving and finishing companies as well as prestigious worsted suiting and jacketing brands. More than £3m has been invested in machinery group-wide, with six new Dornier looms being installed at the Joshua Ellis factory during the past year.
In 2016 SIL Holdings formed an exclusive partnership with The Escorial Company, which markets a rare and luxurious wool from the small Escorial sheep grazed in Australia and New Zealand.

Products and services

Weavers, cashmere, camelhair, wool, fabric, scarves, accessories, luxury, shawls, throws