UH-60 and CH-47 Helicopter Active Controls

UH-60 & CH-47 Helicopter Active Controls for SGB Enterprise

SGB and Stirling have been working together since 2014, when they developed the first UH-60M Cockpit Avionics Procedural Tool. SGB had developed their Cockpit Academics Procedural Tool-Enhanced with visual and flight control systems (CAPTE-VCS), which has proven to be a highly effective and accurate training tool for start-up, shutdown, on-ground and in-air emergency procedures.

The CAPTE-VCS system is part of the growing trend for more agile, transportable simulators. This creates a unique set of requirements for simulator flight controls, which resulted in SGB selecting Stirling to provide the best solution. These requirements included a need for high fidelity replication of the aircraft control feel with linked pilot/co-pilot controls; a control set that would support their modular, fixed-base cockpit simulators without adding extra extraneous mechanical linkage; and a reliable product that could withstand tough hangar conditions and provide an easy to use COTS interface.

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22 January 1987