F-35 Active Stick and Throttle Pilot Training Units

Development of F-35 Active Controls

At Stirling, we have been closely engaged with the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Programme for many years, and our involvement dates to the 1980s with a joint US-UK study into ASTOVL (Advanced Short Take Off and Vertical Landing) aircraft. In 2005, Stirling was selected by Lockheed Martin as a sole source contractor to design and manufacture the active side sticks and throttles for the F-35 pilot training simulators. Exploiting the same developments that were featured in the aircraft, this new technology provided many benefits over traditional flight controls.

Since winning the contract to supply Lockheed Martin in 2005, we have successfully provided prototype and pre-production units to the company’s US Orlando base, and recently delivered its 300th production F-35 unit into the simulator programme. Throughout this programme, we have worked to continually improve the performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the design.

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22 January 1987