Solar IP CCTV System

Sunstone delivers Solar IP CCTV System in Kazakhstan

The Solar IP CCTV System (SICS) has been designed to operate on the local wireless network and provide remote surveillance for construction sites in Kazakhstan. SICS was designed in response to the challenge of delivering wireless surveillance in remote and corrosive environments combined with extreme weather conditions to enable seamless HD monitoring for high security operations across a wide geographic area, such as oilfields. Typically, such environments lack fixed buildings, power and connectivity, so it was integral that SICS was designed to be completely standalone, easily transportable and rapidly deployed. Each SICS is designed to be completely autonomous and transmits HD quality surveillance via wireless point to point or point to multipoint networks and onto a monitoring centre.

Solar IP CCTV System (Deployed)

Solar IP CCTV System (Transport Mode)

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02 March 2011
Oil and gas
Having worked closely with Simon Legrand and the team at Sunstone IP Systems, the design effort, technical understanding and innovation being shown by their entire team has been excellent. This really is a system that was developed to tackle some of the harshest environments to support remote locations. Primarily focussed on non-hazardous areas, the nature of the cameras and standalone solution allows you to site them within safe areas viewing into the zones you wish to monitor. This would be useful across many sectors where rapid deployment, lack of infrastructure, or regular changes to requirements are important.
Lead Telecoms Engineer