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UK - Motor Insurance Bureau

Car insurance premiums have increased 400% since 1994, with half of this growth coming in the last 5 years. This acceleration in prices is partly driven by a 60% rise in road related injury claims. Young drivers have felt the full force of these premiums.

Our role is to reduce the number of uninsured young drivers on UK highways. To drive audience connection and engagement we split our strategy.

The campaign is designed to get noticed. The creative is hard hitting. Enough to make young people sit up and take notice. Immediacy of messaging is essential.

We engage with them using themes that are familiar to them, and once they’re fully engaged, we hit them with the key message. These Trojan Horses show them that we can reach out to them on their “own turf” and stimulate a paranoia that will lead to a behaviour change.

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10 January 2008
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