An example of TECNI assemblies, showing a lanyard tag on coated cable.

TECNI Ltd Wire Rope Assemblies

Our quality system meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. Our manufacturing processes and procedures, as well as the quality of our cable and wire rope end fittings are continually monitored, quality checked and improved.

TECNI Ltd use the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 Metal Alloy Analyser to verify the material of all stainless steel stock booked into our system. It determines elemental composition and alloy grade producing the full analysis of the material whilst being completely non-destructive.

We can perform cycle and straight line pull tests to give you complete confidence in your assemblies. We can give you a full report showing the exact result or point of failure on load and destruction tests. Printed certificates including graphs are available upon request.

TECNI Ltd offers laser engraving for Aluminium and Stainless Steel up to a size of 110mm square, for serial numbers, traceability codes, branding and working loads.


A selection of ferrule-secured thimble eyes, including laser engraved identification.

Wire rope assemblies with screw stud end fittings swaged with our Talurit press.

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24 January 2005
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