US - Original Stationary Amazon

Slime. It’s a phenomenon you’ve probably heard about. If you Google ‘how to make slime’, you’ll see over 150 million results. Original Stationery make a range of slime kits so you can create your own. But even though the slime trend was massive, their sales were at a standstill. What they really needed was to break into the US toy market by driving purchase via Amazon.

We created themed video and photo content based on both occasion and specific slime kits from the range. They emulated the authentic style of the popular slime tutorials on YouTube.

Original Stationery smashed the huge US market during Black Friday to become the No.1 Best Seller ‘Slime & Putty Toy’ on

In fact, with our help, it did so well that Amazon completely sold out of Original Stationery slime products, preventing it oozing even further up the charts. Regardless, we smashed our sales targets and increased sales by an unbelievable 1105% YOY.

We launched online, through Amazon, YouTube and Facebook

Social launch strategy included YouTube presenters and Influencers

Company details

10 January 2008
Retail and luxury