These are the containers that PSP shipped around the world for the Clipper Race. Here they are captured in Qingdao.

Logistics partner to the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

PSP worked closely with race organisers to create a solid plan for the most reliable and cost effective way to transport the race equipment and villages from country to country. The plan involved four 40ft containers, containing all of the vital cargo, leapfrogging each other across the world. It meant that two would be in each key race stopover port at any one time.

Managing director Frank Dixie said: “It was all about meticulous planning and timing, working with the major international shipping lines to be 100% certain that each container would reach its destination on time, taking into account local laws and import regulations.”

To overcome the challenge of varying rules in customs PSP called upon its most powerful tool – its worldwide alliance of agents. “The power of having our people on the ground in each location was vital,”

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06 January 1998
Ports and logistics
“Guaranteed and on-time logistical support is one of the most crucial elements of an event like the Clipper Race. Our containers are mobile workshops carrying maintenance equipment and essential spares around the world. The window of opportunity to carry out repairs in each port is only a matter of days so it's crucial the containers arrive and clear customs ahead of the fleet to ensure the team can hit the ground running as soon as the first yacht docks. “PSP and its alliance of global partners not only ensured the tight schedule was maintained but also that the containers were shipped via the most cost effective means. What's more the PSP team deals with all enquiries in a friendly and professional manner and is always at hand to advise regardless of the size of the job.”
Katie Beney Sponsorship Manager, Clipper Race