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Department for International Trade - Localisation Audit

The Department for International Trade is responsible for promoting British trade across the world.

As part of its programme, it has developed websites aimed at overseas investors and buyers of UK goods and services that need to be localised into a number of languages to better attract and appeal to their target audiences.

Audere was asked to audit the Department’s Localisation Workflow. This involved:

Interviews with internal stakeholders

Review of websites looking at the state of translated content, user journeys and expectations of how translated content should be presented

Review of Localisation Workflow

Review of current Language Service Providers

Review of Translation Management Systems to bring in-house to give DIT control and a central hub for file handling, version control, storing translation memories and glossaries, as well as keeping track of timings and costs

Machine Translation for the User Generated Content part of the site


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28 February 2014
Business and consumer services