Podcast host Russell Goldsmith and his GALA podcast guests

Conference Podcast Production

GALA tasked Audere to create engaging content that would be made exclusively available to members via their website.
• continue dialogue & engagement post event with conference attendees and members who couldn’t attend
• provide extra value to speakers from the conference, helping to extend the reach of their story
• be used as additional promotional content for future events
We produced four shows in total with a total of twelve guests.
Key in producing quality content is the pre-production planning. We arranged Skype calls in advance with each of the guests who were based far and wide, from the US to Ireland, Denmark to Brussels, and on to Singapore. These calls helped prepare a running order and suggested questions for the shows. The podcasts were also promoted in advance of the event on Twitter, within the GALA LinkedIn and Facebook groups, and in the dedicated conference app to generate interest and get questions from the attendees to use in the discussions.

Company details

28 February 2014
Business and consumer services
Russ engaged the podcast participants beautifully. He was able to tap into the collective enthusiasm that was present at our conference while still giving the individuals behind the microphone a chance to shine and share their knowledge and expertise as industry ‘ambassadors’. We’re delighted with the outcome and optimistic about the podcast medium as a way to engage our members.
Allison Ferch Programmes Director GALA