Wavteq Institute - the leading knowledge centre for FDI Intelligence

Wavteq Institute - the leading knowledge platform for FDI

Each of the core courses within the institute elearning platform are designed around key learning outcomes and with ongoing assessment, you can work towards Certification to enhance your personal success as well as your organization’s capability and professionalism.

The elearning & certification platform draws on wavteq’s experience in running over 50 training workshops and training over 1,000 economic development and investment professionals from over 50 countries. The platform incorporates global best practice knowledge from working with over 500 EDOs and IPAs and thought leadership research, studies, and training guidelines. The platform is informed by practical experience in securing over $50 billion on FDI and grounded in theory, with a comprehensive reference list provided for every course for further reading.

Clients of Wavteq Institute's elearning and certification platform include some of the world’s leading economic development and investment promotion organizations


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"Excellent content and exams that build on your knowledge, reinforce, and then expand. One thing that impressed me about the Online-Learning is that if I have a question (even before starting a course) there is always a quick response."
Acting Director States Coordination Department Nigeria Investment Promotion Comission