Best Practices in Aftercare and Business Retention Expansion (BRE) March 2021

Training in Best Practice Aftercare Services for FCDO/AITAF

Wavteq delivered this project through the following activities;
-Completed a diagnostic of the aftercare services provided by each IPA
-Developed action plans highlighting how to improve investor retention
-Developed a benchmarking tool that outlines 10 dimensions of best practice aftercare programmes & 30 indicators associated with each dimension
-Benchmarked IPAs aftercare programmes against other international good practice IPAs to identify areas for improvement
-Developed an Aftercare / Business Retention Guideline for the sessions & disseminated to all IPA staff
-Delivered training to IPAs on how to improve aftercare & business retention services

As a result;
-Trained 130 IPA staff & in-country aftercare stakeholders across all 4 countries
-Benchmarking tool has been made available to all IPA staff and helps IPAs understand key strengths & weakness of their aftercare programmes
-All IPAs engaged are taking forward actions on how to conduct proactive aftercare services

The need for EDOs and IPAs to strengthen their aftercare/BRE programmes

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