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VirtTuri - Digital Human AI

VirtTuri is a patented AI technology born out of empirical learnings and deep understanding of the modern day challenges faced by the consumer healthcare industry and wider economy. The technology addresses known consumer requirements for 24/7 response with highly accurate, visual and rapid information response.

Developed with the assistance of two of the UK’s leading academic data science departments, VirtTuri blends two key components: Machine Learning Assistant technology and Hyperrealistic Avatar technology.

VirtTuri has won a number of prestigious awards, including Best Innovation within the Consumer healthcare Industry (2021).

Proven to:

Reduces customer service costs by up to 92%
24/7 Immediate response around the clock
Increases opportunity for online sale by 67%
Response accuracy improves with every interaction
GDPR and regulatory compliant.

VirtTuri is already helping businesses accurately manage consumer queries as well as drive sales.


Company details

“Teva are delighted to be using VirtTuri® with market leading brands Sudocrem and Infacol. We’re seeing high levels of engagement and 24/7 accurate responses to our consumers.”
Nicholas Lang TEVA OTC Director TEVA Pharmaceuticals