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MySpira Augmented Reality Application

With the assistance of the UK government, Orbital developed the world's first augmented reality asthma training app for children (age 6 - 13). The app consists three modules, takes 25 minutes to complete and is proven to dramatically improve critical information recall in relation to managing asthma.

93% of asthma sufferers use their metered dose inhalers incorrectly. Where proper inhaler training has been put in place, emergency hospital admissions have been reduced by 50% and asthma deaths by 75%.

Developed for children aged between 6 – 13, the MySpira app includes 8, fun modules, that use augmented reality and gameplay to offer the very best asthma education.

Suitable for download by children, parents, schools, GP surgeries, hospitals and pharmacists.

MySpira is proven to be 70% more effective than leaflets and 36% more effective than videos containing the same learnings.


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“Not only will MySpira lead to better health long-term, but if adopted nationwide, could dramatically reduce the number of emergency cases, resulting in fewer hospitalisations. We are looking at integrating this app into our existing asthma support services in the future.”
Simon Rudland GP NHS