Orbital Global Group

uniball & Posca are now leading brands in their categories.

uniball Pens UK market domination

Prior to Orbital taking over the digital marketing of the core brands, growth was slow and the competition were dominating the market.

Orbital's ongoing, 'digital first' strategy has seen an extensive level of social media and web activity since activation, the results of which can be seen through exciting YOY growth and now pole position as the UKs leading, premium pen brand, beating competitors hands down.

This has been assisted greatly by the brands' continued commitment to product innovation and a clear appreciation for market demands and their customers.

The digital strategy has been carefully designed to communicate across all major social channels, to their respective audiences, with content and campaigns being highly personalised and targeted to great success.

Additionally, Orbital continue to develop and deploy innovations in AI and AR, which aid the premium positioning of the brands, drive relevance to the modern consumer, and add extensive value to the brand.


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Household goods, furniture and furnishings
"Our partnership with Orbital Media really is a major success story. With the help of Orbital we have ‘re-invented’ the way we communicate to consumers and trade partners. The thing that really impresses me is Orbital’s ability to identify and focus our investment on a ‘targeted’ audience, improving our ROI. No longer does our marketing just talk about the features and benefits of our products, we are now engaging with inspirational creative experiences. Throughout the last 5 years we have continued to grow our sales and market share, I am convinced that having Orbital as part of our team is the main reason for our success".
Paul Smith Director of Sales & Marketing MPCUK Ltd Mitsubishi Pencil Co.