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HappySignals is a leading Employee Experience Management Platform for IT.

Happy Signals - Building a better employee experience

Creating a positive employee experience benefits all areas of a business, and therefore it has been an increasing priority for many organisations in recent years. HappySignals is a leading Employee Experience Management Platform for IT, making experience data visible, understandable and connected to operational data. Established in 2014, and based in Helsinki, Finland, HappySignals has helped discover the experiences of over 2 million employees in 130 countries, increasing productivity by 26% on average.

Expanding to the UK was a journey that required perseverance and patience. It seemed that the UK market for measuring employees’ IT experience was in its infancy and there was limited interest. However, by consistently attending the most significant industry events and exhibitions, they built a robust network with contacts to key industry influencers who carried the company’s message forward. Today, HappySignals has cemented their position in the UK market and is growing rapidly.

Company details

29 April 1987
Software and computer services
When you are a small business, every penny counts so it’s important to make sure you get your money’s worth. Goodwille were very transparent on what services they were offering and at what cost, so we decided to partner with them. We have not had to second-guess our choice; they have been very helpful and reliable since the beginning. The best thing is that we don’t have to be up to date on the local legislation and regulations as we can count on Goodwille to inform us when needed. This saves us time and nerves, and therefore we can fully focus on our product and customers.
Sami Kallio CEO HappySignals