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Crypto Wallet from Peru to UK

Peruvian Crypto Wallet and cryptocurrency exchange company BANEXCOIN, contacted BroadenBase LTD to conduct a feasibility study and develop a strategic plan to establish a branch of the company in the UK.

Company owners were very aware of the business advantages that the UK offers to Fintechs and wanted to analyze the possibilities for them to take advantage of that scenario and gain a competitive edge.

The primary scope of the project was to conduct a feasibility study, however, BroadenBase proposed an extension to it to develop a full strategic plan for the move.

The proposal was agreed and the customer was delivered with a plan that studied the what, how, when, and why of moving the company to the UK. A thorough analysis was performed. The analysis detailed potential commercial partners, law and business regulations, time and budget lines, etc.

Customer was pleased with the plan mentioning that it was beyond expectations and that it cleared the internal decision making

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“Our company runs operations in Peru, offering cryptocurrency wallet and trading services. We contacted BroadenBase LTD. a few months ago with a research request. The basic idea was to have a rough estimation of the time and effort necessary to invest to bring our business from Peru to The UK. The result delivered by BroadenBase was absolutely beyond expectations. We received an incredibly detailed report with all the information requested a lot more, together with a highly professional presentation. Everything was easy to understand; they made exceptionally good work putting together information in PowerPoint slides. BroadenBase customer relationship is another positive point to highlight. They were constantly providing updates for the project and rapidly responding to any of our requests. Since they are bilingual, communication in Spanish made project stages simpler. We would recommend BroandeBase to anyone in need of administrative and project management support. Thanks, BroadenBase
Merbin Rangel CEO Banexcoin