DeltaXML approached Boardroom Advisors because they perspective on the development of new products in the SaaS space.

Software technology company prepares for new level of growth

DeltaXML were matched with a Boardroom Advisor who had very specific skills and experience that could hit the ground running. Through a strategic workshop and one-to-one discussions with board members the Advisor was able to prepare a comprehensive report analysing the organisation and presenting a strategy for implementation.

With a revised product road map, commercial strategy and performance framework in place the advisor was able to bring additional value to product development and the marketing of SaaS products to a new customer base.

❖ Supported and defined the product development road map

❖ Advised on and clarified the commercial strategic direction focusing on growth targets

❖ Helped bring a SaaS product to market.

❖ Introduced a bonus structure for staff and directors

Robin-la-Fontaine, Founder/CEO of Delta XML

Company details

Software and computer services
“For any growing company, external board-level advice can make a real difference. The key is to find the right advisor and the advantage of Boardroom Advisors is that they have a wide range of experienced NEDs to call on. We were able to choose from a number of potential advisors and so get the industry experience and approach that suited our company requirements”
Robin-la-Fontaine Founder/CEO Delta XML