LUX Rewards is a premium rewards scheme that helps high-quality restaurants to attract and retain high-spending customer

From an idea to a £1.5 million valuation - Lux Rewards

Boardroom Advisors helped LUX Rewards with a strategic plan to acquire users using a B2B2C strategy: selling their product to credit card companies, who would then distribute it to their customers. This method allows LUX to sign up thousands of customers, without spending a penny on marketing.

LUX Rewards have signed up two credit card companies in the last month. These deals are estimated to bring in hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue.

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James Courtney, Co-Founder of Lux Rewards

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"Boardroom Advisors bring vast business experience as well as strategic insight to help any small or medium-sized business looking to grow. The strategy that they helped to form has had a significant impact on LUX Rewards’ valuation and ability to scale."
James Courtney Co-Founder Lux Rewards