Design of new corporate sales materials for the UK market.

Launching Sudzucker in the UK

The establishment of Sudzucker UK was through acquisition of UK based James Fleming & Co, and Volpa worked with Sudzucker AG and the senior team at James Fleming & Co to develop the branding, sales collateral, website and handle the media announcement of the organisation's establishment in the UK. Volpa also supported the business in developing the appropriate marketing materials to be ready to launch the new company at a major industry event that was also held in May 2015. Volpa managed the full process for Sudzucker, liaising with the head office in Germany to ensure brand consistency, and the newly formed UK management
team to ensure deadlines were met. The media launch was deliberately understated, at the express request of the client, however it did generate coverage in the Financial Times. Sudzucker UK has now been established in the UK for 6 years and turned over £41m in 2020.

Design of information brochure for the trade launch event.

Design of Trade Stand for Launch Event

Company details

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