London Calling Report

London Calling Report

Companies in London scale faster than anywhere in Europe. A good guide is the list of unicorns the city can boast. There are more unicorns in London than France, Germany and Italy put together. There are incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces to help start-ups climb the first rung of the ladder. As companies grow, VCs and private equity investors are ready to inject capital to propel them skyward. London is the fourth most invested city in the world for tech – as of 2019 – and companies in London thrive with the network and support levels that this accolade brings with it.

This report is a guide to why beyond 2020, you should explore the world's most exciting city. The more companies base themselves here, the more London becomes the epicentre of world trade. Those keen to accelerate their business plans can experience the raw energy of London for themselves. No other city can adapt to change quite as quickly as London.


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