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KPEI Central Counterparty (CCP Clearing, Jakarta)

The KPEI (Indonesian Clearing and Guarantee Corporation) was established pursuant to the Indonesian Capital Market Law 1995 to provide regular, fair and efficient stock exchange clearing and guarantee services. KPEI gained status as a legal entity in 1996 and in June 1998, the Company obtained a business license as a Clearing Guarantee Institution. At the current state, this CCP trades only bonds and basic financial instruments, hence featuring quite simple risk management functions. Due to various envisaged transformation of the business, a multi-disciplined team from KPEI needed to gather a comprehensive In-House Training on CCP Clearing, Risk Management, Recovery and Resolution contextualised to the state of development of Indonesian market. This training has resulted to be highly beneficial to the KPEI team, which has been provided with additional documentation and which, after the training, has required additional services on a confidential basis from Storm-7 Consulting.

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30 April 2015
Education and training