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FMS-Wertmanagement (European Margin Rules, Dublin)

FMS Wertmanagement was founded in 2010 as the German Federal government’s winding-up institution for the nationalised Hypo Real Estate Holding AG, with the aim of taking over risk positions and non-strategic operations from the HRE Group and unwinding them. As a financially independent entity under public law, FMS Wertmanagement seizes opportunities for generating income and minimise losses.
The Quasi-Legal-Government-Status and the unusual structure of this firm, represented a challenge for Storm-7 Consulting that had to redesign the content delivery to provide the most relevant and informative training on EMR. This training delivery was attended by Senior-level professionals from both Germany and Ireland, who have been equipped with extensive knowledge and understanding of timelines and consequences of the EMR. Following on to specific discussions, FMS personnel understood how to deal with contracts and EMR timelines, and how to re-prioritise their strategy to deal with EMR on time.

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30 April 2015
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