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Stanbic Bank (AEOI (FATCA and CRS), London)

Stanbic Bank is one of the major banks in Ghana and Storm-7 Consulting delivered a AEOI (FATCA and CRS) training to various professionals from different divisions within Stanbic Bank.
The delegates flew from Ghana to London where they attended a highly comprehensive two-day training programme with the objective of understanding how to adapt their compliance processes in order to meet international requirements for account reporting and documentation.
For this reason, the training has featured various practical discussions on ongoing implementation of compliance programmes.
The expert trainer worked with the delegates to cover their major challenges and problems, proposing practical solutions for the firm in order to comply with the latest regulatory developments and international standards.
The delegates gathered a clear understanding on how to proceed in order to adapt their compliance programs avoiding any risks of sanctions and fines.

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30 April 2015
Education and training