Advanced AML and CFT Practitioner (Brochure front cover)

Advanced AML and CFT Practitioner, London

Given the latest developments affecting AML and CFT worldwide and the high demand for cutting-edge and advanced training programmes, Rodrigo Zepeda, Co-Founder and Expert Trainer of Storm-7 Consulting, has designed and created a highly advanced and comprehensive 3-day training programme delivered for the first time in London during July 2019.
The delegates have been guided through a broad range of case studies, technology use cases, regulatory development and all the pressing issues concerning AML and CFT Frameworks worldwide.
The delegates have been equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge on areas such as AML and CFT frameworks and Nominated Officer Responsibilities as well as cutting-edge topics such as virtual currencies and all the risks that virtual assets can imply over regulatory compliance processes for firms dealing with virtual exchanges.
The technology session has been highly appreciated by delegates interested in the best technology offerings available on the market.

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30 April 2015
Education and training
It was some time that I was looking for an advanced training on these topics and Storm-7 Consulting has created the programme I needed exactly when I needed it most.