Collateral Management Paradigm Training Event Flyer

The 2018/2020 Collateral Management Paradigm, Dublin

A highly advanced training event designed and created by Storm-7 Consulting in cooperation with the London–based global information provider IHS Markit and the boutique market intelligence advisory firm OTC Partners (New York).
This training event has been delivered by Rodrigo Zepeda, Co-Founder and Expert Trainer of Storm-7 Consulting in Dublin, Ireland on 10th and 11th June 2019.
The expert trainer has provided a comprehensive guidance on issues such as ensuring effective pre-trade optimisation controls, ensuring transparency of collateral requirements and collateral inventory, and netting of collateral exposures.
Attendees have been helped to understand how to move towards streamlined Straight Through Processing (STP) by reviewing segregation of collateral procedures, monitoring open collateral positions and re-hypothecated positions, modelling future collateral requirements, effectively reporting collateral demands, and ensuring robust netting, valuation and pricing procedures.

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30 April 2015
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It equipped us with the right tools to adapt our strategy and operations in order to achieve efficiency collateral management and operational efficiency.