AML and CFT Operational Compliance (Brochure Front Cover)

AML and CFT Operational Compliance, Dubai, UAE

Rodrigo Zepeda, Co-Founder and Expert Trainer of Storm-7 Consulting has delivered a one-day AML and CFT Operational Compliance Training Workshop at the Millennium Plaza Hotel in Dubai.
This has been a specifically tailored training workshop focused on providing delegates with advanced insights and training covering AML and CFT Operational Compliance matters.
The workshop has been a highly customised training open only to a limited number of professionals from the Engineering and Development Group (Edgo, Jordan) and Ahli United Bank (Bahrain).
This specific format has been expressly chosen in order to be able to address completely and in depth the specific needs of each and every delegate.
Moreover, this allowed more interactive sessions where the delegates have been able to discuss and compare their approaches to AML and CFT Compliance, and to see the similarities, strengths and weaknesses of their respective compliance processes.

Training Venue Millennium Plaza Hotel Dubai (Rooftop pool)

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30 April 2015
Education and training
The biggest AML training manual that I have ever seen.