MiFID II Operational Compliance Training Programme (brochure front cover)

MiFID II Operational Compliance, London

This training programme has been delivered in London during February 2019 by Rodrigo Zepeda, the Co-Founder and Expert Trainer of Storm-7 Consulting.
The extensive content has been broken down to provide delegates not only with theoretical insights but also to show the implications that the latest regulatory developments around MiFID and MiFIR frameworks have on companies' operations and strategies.
The expert trainer has been able to guide delegates through one of the most complex pieces of regulations that has been implemented in the European Union up to date, helping them to understand how this would have affected their operations and discussing with the delegates to provide them with solutions for their needs of adaptation in order to meet the regulatory requirements.
Overall, there was highly positive feedback from the training event, and it provided attendees with highly comprehensive insights, training, and training materials on the complex MiFID II and MiFIR frameworks.

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30 April 2015
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I highly recommend to the responsible person across all FIS (financial institutions) to attend the course/training.