HealthCircle is a medical & healthcare marketing company that Aplomb provides translation, transcreation & subtitling to

Transcreation for HealthCircle Global Marketing Campaigns

Aplomb Translations provides transcription with timeframes of video of healthcare and pharmaceutical infomercials, translation & localisation (transcreation) of text and subtitles into 6 languages for marketing campaigns by Healthcircle to promote prescription pharma products and educational healthcare management video guides for families of terminal patients. Aplomb provides insight of how marketing campaigns are viewed in local countries, suggests equivalent phrases to accurately convey campaign ideas and explains how images suit a phrase or product for specific countries. HealthCircle tests initial campaign idea development at the start through Aplomb, to ensure successful transcreation and use of images across borders.


Aplomb provides localised video subtitles in 6 languages for HealthCircle's product and healthcare marketing campaigns.

Company details

30 January 1989
Healthcare and medical
Good afternoon, I would really like to thank you for the translations, everything was perfect and on time! Thank you for the effort 😊
Creative Services Director HealthCircle-uk.com